One From the Bucket List

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I had an opportunity last week to walk the grounds of the Augusta National Golf Club.  The good news is that it was on the first day of The Masters, a  championship that I explained to my kids as “the super bowl of golf.”  

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The Real “Real Thing”

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The Coca Cola Corporation spends untold millions of dollars each year trying to convince the public that their product is the real thing.  The length of the soda section in most supermarkets  attests to the success in building their bra

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Made in America: The Return of Innovation

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 If you find yourself wondering what’s happened to innovation and the ability for Americans to invent new products, you will want to watch this video tour of Tech Shop SF, a member-based place (Kinda like your high school woodshop… On ste

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The Best Things in Life…Aren’t Things!

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Last month, I experienced an amazing pair of concert  events:  one to start my week, the other to end it.    More than just great shows, they were rich enough in customer experience principles to make them worthy of sharing

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Blowing the Save…A Failure in Listening

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When a major league pitcher is brought in late in the game to help his team secure their lead and win the game, he earns what is known in baseball parlance as a “save.”   If he allows the other team to score runs and loses the lead,

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Meet Ray, the Usher from Section 121

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Ahhh, the Fall Classic is upon us once again.  Sadly, the San Francisco Giants didn’t make the cut and will not be repeating last year’s World Series  triumph.   This season was too full of injuries and a lack of offense to

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Groupon for Surgery: A Bad Idea

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Like many of you, I get a daily Groupon e-mail and will often take a look and see what special deal is being offered.   I admit to being intrigued by the upcoming Tomato Battle taking place in my town next weekend (modeled after the annual rite in Bunyol, Spain), but I’ll leave it up to a few thousand others to enjoy that event.   While I have serious reservations about the longevity of the business model (which were confirmed by Groupon’s recent financial reporting), this type of offering has struck a nerve with deal-seeking...

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A Taste of Merlindia

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The gourmet food truck has emerged as a new dining category in many larger American cities, giving urban workers additional lunchtime options and aspiring chefs a new means of delivering their fare besides having to open a restaurant. The trend has even spawned its own reality show, The Great Food Truck Race on The Food Network.   We traveled to Merlindia (via Washington, DC) to check out one of the more popular food trucks (as evidenced by the long lines) offered by The Fojol Brothers. In this video segment, you will see how their use...

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Social Media Helps The Help

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A recently released movie called “The Help” finished this past weekend as the top grossing movie, beating out bigger budget flicks about apes, kids, and a re-made barbarian.  What’s remarkable about this feat is that The Help didn’t open as the top movie its first week.   Opening week sets the tone for a movie’s revenue trajectory,  and revenue as well as ranking typically fall with each succeeding week a movie is in theaters.    The Help broke that trend, appealing to males and females 35 years and older.  Several movie...

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Just Feed Me!

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Last month, my wife and I had the pleasure of visiting New Orleans and witnessing the 41st year of Jazzfest (a great music experience for those of you who enjoy outdoor concerts).   Based on a tip from a waitress at breakfast, we learned about a great restaurant that had earned the #1 rating on Trip Advisor and I was determined we would eat there sans reservation.   We found the Louisiana Bistro on relatively quiet Rue Dauphine, which was remarkable given that Bourbon Street craziness resides just one block away.    The place was...

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