When Mayday Becomes Payday

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One of the trickiest issues with technology is how to effectively support customers.    This can be as simple as helping customers recover their login to a password protected website or as complicated as setting up a new home entertainment system.   Today,  Amazon chief Jeff Bezos unveiled Mayday, a really cool approach to tackling this issue.  When you press a special “Mayday” button on their Kindle tablet, a live person appears in a video screen to help.  Within 15 seconds.  And they can takeover your screen and help you...

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Five Technologies Coming Your Way

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Last month I attended The New York Times Global Forum hosted by columnist Thomas Friedman (author of The World is Flat).    This was a great day spent listening to luminaries and visionaries describe what’s going to happen in the world over the next two decades.    As an avid Sunday reader of The New York Times, I enjoyed what is best described as seeing the paper come alive on stage. While I took lots of notes on my iPhone, I want to share five technologies that I learned about that are on the way (well, the fifth one is already...

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My Own Personal Nordstrom Story

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Most of you have heard the legendary story about how someone returned a set of tires to Nordstrom, which they took back no questions asked.   It’s part of their legacy for legendary service and taking care of the customer. A few months ago, I went to pick up two pairs of suit pants that were needed for a business trip starting the following day.  After 20 minutes, he asked if they could deliver them to my home later that evening, so I left the store and headed back to my office.  Around 5 pm, I received a phone call from Justin, the...

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The Heart of Motivation

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The role of every coach is to motivate his or her players to perform their best.   In professional sports, this can become very challenging as the season wears on and teams are tired.    With the NFC conference championship game looming,  San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh had his staff find pictures – the high school recruiting photo – of  his players and had them posted above each player’s locker.  As is Coach Harbaugh’s style, he didn’t pronounce the pictures or their purpose and left the players to figure it out for...

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Think Critically, Act Locally

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The most important college course I took had nothing to do with my psychology major or my interest in organizational behavior and what makes workers happy.   It was during my sophomore year that I signed up for “Critical Thinking 212,

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What Is Your Story?

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Storytelling is a mode of communication that has been around as long as people have gathered around the fire.   We love a good story, which is why the storytellers among us can hold the attention of audiences large and small.  

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One From the Bucket List

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I had an opportunity last week to walk the grounds of the Augusta National Golf Club.  The good news is that it was on the first day of The Masters, a  championship that I explained to my kids as “the super bowl of golf.”  

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The Real “Real Thing”

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The Coca Cola Corporation spends untold millions of dollars each year trying to convince the public that their product is the real thing.  The length of the soda section in most supermarkets  attests to the success in building their bra

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Made in America: The Return of Innovation

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 If you find yourself wondering what’s happened to innovation and the ability for Americans to invent new products, you will want to watch this video tour of Tech Shop SF, a member-based place (Kinda like your high school woodshop… On ste

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The Best Things in Life…Aren’t Things!

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Last month, I experienced an amazing pair of concert  events:  one to start my week, the other to end it.    More than just great shows, they were rich enough in customer experience principles to make them worthy of sharing

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