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LASIK is the #1 performed elective surgery procedure worldwide. SM2 Strategic has been involved since the beginning.

Are you seeking to increase demand for new medical technologies and procedures?  SM2 Strategic has been working with leading device manufacturers for over 20 years. Shareef Mahdavi was responsible for the launch of the laser technology used in LASIK, now the most widely performed elective surgery procedure in the US and worldwide. Shareef has worked with with dozens of companies, ranging from early-stage “projects” all the way to well-established market leaders. Working closely with senior management and the marketing/sales teams, SM2 brings a unique outside perspective to solving the issues leading up to product launch (and in some cases re-launch).

  • Positioning:  What’s your value proposition?
  • Launching:  Who is the right audience?
  • Surveying:  What does your customer want?

Creating Demand For A New Medical Device

Successfully commercializing a new medical device requires the blending of two critical components:

      1. Attracting physicians to the technology;
      2. Staging the experience for the patient.

SM2 Strategic helps clients create demand for medical technology, focusing on the rapidly growing category of elective “self pay” medicine. SM2 Strategic brings a dual expertise in helping manufacturers more effectively launch new procedures and in helping physicians more effectively reach their target patient audience, aka “customers”.

Attracting Physicians to the Technology

As summarized in the model below, SM2’s experience across medical specialties allows for unique insights to help companies better understand their customer’s requirements (the provider) as well as those of the end-user customer (the patient). Taking into account these dual-level requirements is key to success in today’s world of ever-informed doctors and consumers.


How We Work With Device Manufacturers

SM2 Strategic offers specific services to help create and grow demand for elective procedures. Clients appreciate the independent perspective that Shareef and his team bring to the table. At the corporate level, SM2 typically works with the CEO and/or the VP of Marketing, helping broaden the internal view of the business and the marketplace.

In addition to 1-1 interface, SM2’s skill set includes:

      • Market opportunity analysis/research
      • Customer survey on impact of the technology
      • Assessment of marketing communications
      • Writing and publishing (white papers, articles)
      • Executive team retreats
      • Experience Economy coaching and ideation
      • Keynote addresses (sales force meetings, user group conferences, all-employee meetings)

All the work done by SM2 is built upon the foundation that elective medicine requires manufacturers to pay attention to the needs of their physician customers as well as the end-user consumer.

The process used by SM2 Strategic involves helping clients develop or refine their strategy and then execute the right supporting tactics. As illustrated in the model below, careful consideration is required in order to generate awareness among physicians and convert them into customers.

Turning Physicians Into Customers2

All engagements are designed to meet the needs of the client and begin with a phone consultation to see how SM2 can be of value. Please call SM2 Strategic, 925-425-9900 to learn more. Alternatively, you can click here to send us an e-mail and we will respond to your inquiry.

 Launch and Market Devices

The Experience Economy Model