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For 25 years, Shareef Mahdavi has worked with established and start-up device companies and medical practices to create demand for new technologies.  After directing VISX’s commercial launch of the laser used in LASIK (now the most widely performed elective surgery procedure), he has helped clients including Alcon, Allergan, Bausch & Lomb and Carl Zeiss.  A frequent speaker and author of over 100 publications, Shareef was recognized for his work to improve the customer experience for patients as the 2011 EMA Award recipient, given annually by Experience Economy authors Pine and Gilmore.   You can follow, friend, link or simply read Shareef’s work by visiting .

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Shareef Mahdavi SM2Strategic President          Shareef Mahdavi SM2Strategic President

Shareef Mahdavi |

Shareef Mahdavi |