Earlier this month, we witnessed the birth of a new company called ALPHAEON. Those attending the recent American Society of Plastic Surgery in San Diego saw first-hand the debut of a company dedicated to improving patient outcomes as well as patient experiences.


ALPHAEON is the brainchild of Robert Grant, an industry executive who has been a client of mine while at the helm of multiple companies in the self-pay segment including Biolase (laser dentistry), Allergan Medical (Botox, Latisse, Juvederm) and Bausch + Lomb Surgical (LASIK and lens-based refractive surgery). He is an innovative leader with a unique viewpoint as shown in this recent Tedx Talk “Beautiful Minds Are Free From Fear”.


My company, SM2 Strategic, has focused on creating demand for elective procedures, consulting to companies whose technologies are good enough that consumers will pay directly for those services rather than wait for third party coverage. While self-pay is already a $20 billion market in the US (thanks in part to baby boomers’ desire to live better as they live longer), demand for elective procedures could be much bigger.


ALPHAEON is addressing many of the problems that have held back mainstream acceptance of aesthetic and refractive procedures, and a key first step in the process is to redefine the significance of matching patients’ desires with the medical experts who can best fulfill them. Here is a TV commercial from the first campaign that features actual board-certified physicians as well as consumers.  ALPHAEON is re-framing the discussion to help consumers learn more about Lifestyle Healthcare and choose to live better as they live longer. The commercials are captivating and the invitation to consumers is compelling and fun.


What I like about this company is that it puts doctors and patients – not products — at the center of the conversation. ALPHAEON’s parent company, Strathspey Crown, was founded last year with the backing of more than 100 leading physicians in the 3 specialties. The motto “Of Doctors, For Patients” captures the desire of many physicians to get back to the core and joy of why they became doctors in the first place.  ALPHAEON’s goal is to provide board-certified specialists with the services and products they need to be even more successful in self-pay medicine, beginning with the specialties of ophthalmology, dermatology and plastic surgery. Here is a clip from my recent interview with the Plastic Surgery Channel.


I am so excited about what ALPHAEON is doing that I accepted the company’s offer to join as its Chief Marketing Officer. It is a privilege to be part of an exceptional leadership team; working alongside them broadens SM2’s mission to impact the customer experience for patients while helping ALPHAEON lead the way in the second tier of healthcare.


I am equally gratified that my longtime friend and colleague Matt Jensen has accepted the role as SM2’s Chief Operating Officer. Matt’s day is split between CEO of Vance Thompson Vision and President of Matt Jensen Marketing. MJM and SM2 have collaborated with numerous clients over the years, so it is only natural that Matt can take the helm and lead the team that will keep delighting our SM2 clients.
Those of you in ophthalmology will get to see ALPHAEON at the upcoming AAO meeting next month in New Orleans. I encourage you to learn more about this company and how it is uniquely positioned to help specialists be even more successful in the fast-growing self-pay markets in healthcare.

My goal is that each of you will join us in saying, “I am ALPHAEON!”